Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensor Troubleshooting

Garage door photo-eye sensors were created to protect children, pets, vehicles, and well everyone and everything from ever getting trapped under a garage door (which by the way is the largest and heaviest moving piece of machinery in most homes). Slow movement under these fast moving contraptions could be fatal.

However, defects and photo-eye sensor go hand in hand. In fact, most complaints in relation to garage doors are related to photo-eye sensors. Some of the most commonly reported problems of this safety feature include:

  • Sporadic stopping and starting
  • Jamming of photo-eye sensor button
  • Flashing lights

DIY Quick Fix

If you’re experiencing any of these issues you don’t necessarily need a professional to repair the problem. All you need to do is a little trouble shooting. First thing you’ll want to do is locate your two sensor devises then try to see if each one has a lit LED. If you see that one is off or flickering try adjusting the height of the sensor to make sure it isn’t out of alignment. (Note: they should be ‘looking’ directly into each other’s ‘eyes’.)

If they are both aligned then you’ll want to check the lenses to make sure they are free from dirt, spider webs or anything that could keep them from ‘communicating’ signals. If they are filmy, wipe them off with a damp cloth.

If this doesn’t help you will want to check for loose, frayed or broken wires and see if you can’t reconnect them. This is a fairly easy task but if you’re not comfortable with it definitely contact a Utah garage door specialist for assistance! However, problems related to this safety feature are generally easy to fix in if you can figure out the problem on your own you could save hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Source by Shannon Egan

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