Install Quality Discount Garage Doors in Your Home

The garage door opening on your home or business is most assuredly the weakest part of the building. Purchasing the cheapest garage door for your home is penny wise and pound foolish. However spending too much money is also not a good idea. In terms of garage door pricing a quality discount garage doors can be purchased that will provide you with secure garage door that will accent your home or office.

In most cases you can purchase a fair quality contractor door at any of the big box home improvement stores located around the country. This may or may not be such a good idea. You must remember that a cheap garage door will often fail during a severe thunderstorm allowing the wind and water into your home. In many cases losing your garage during a storm will cause you to lose your roof as well. A garage door that has panels that are constructed of galvanized steel panels will provide a great deal of strength. Normally you will want at least a 25 gauge outside steel panel to assure the strength you need.  

Depending where you live you will want to purchase a discount garage door that has a good R-value rating. Doors that use polystyrene inserts will only have an R-value of about 6. If you live in the south or other areas with mild climate this is probably enough insulation. However if you live in areas with high temperature extremes you should consider purchasing garage doors with R-values of 15 or more. This is especially critical if you are going to heat or cool your garage. No one wants to work in a garage workshop that is too cold or hot. In addition it is nice walking out to your garage and getting into a warm car in the dead of winter.  

A good quality discount garage door will also be relatively maintenance free. Wood faced garage doors do look very nice and do a good job of making your home look great. However they do require much more up keep. Staining and painting a wood door will be required every few years to keep it looking nice. Artificial wood surfaces provide a great look and in many cases is almost maintenance free. Pre- Painted surfaces also require much less maintenance than natural wood paneled doors.  

Without a doubt the best place to find a quality discount garage door is on the Internet. In addition home improvement stores like Home Depot sell quality garage doors at discount garage doors prices. The staff of these home improvement stores can also be a great resource for information on what doors work well in your area. The more time you spend researching the more money you will save and the best garage doors you will end up installing.

Source by Jim Kesel

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